Free software for professional map making - for windows OS / EN-RO

 You can chose from a large variety of freeware to realize personal or project-related maps. Each of this offer also a vast amount of addons, presets, resources and event preloaded data on maps.

Free GIS software (for Windows operating system)

ESRI program for data visualization and geocoding of data in shapefile format

exploration, visualization and distribution of GIS data

desktop application for viewing, exploring and printing maps and globes

creating DEMs based on scanned topographic maps

view AVIS map5

3D topographic representation system with layered representation, data integration

mapping and geographic data analysis

a collection of 65 tools that manipulate geographic and Cartesian data

a complex program that allows spatial data management, analysis, image processing, spatial modeling, visualization

(Integrated Land and Water Information System) a program that integrates GIS and remote sensing data: images, vectors, thematic data

visualization and processing of spatial data

spatial modeling and simulation

visualization and analysis of the earth's surface - among the best geomorphometric analysis programs

edit shapefiles and GML files

modeling and simulation

GPS data visualization application in various programs

geographic information system - very complex (similar to ArcGis Desktop) - operates with vector data, raster, but also with other data formats

efficient implementation of spatial algorithms

remote sensing and GIS data processing - OBIA

viewing, editing GIS data

more GIS programs

more GIS programs, including for non-Windows operating systems