Major Search Engines in the World - after Page Rank and Alexa Rank

Search Engine Page Rank Alexa Rank
Google 9/10 1
Baidu 9/10 5
Bing 8/10 16
Soso 7/10 56
Seznam 7/10 378
Exalead 7/10 29,067
Scrub The Web 6/10 3,627
Jayde 6/10 7,316
Entireweb 6/10 8,143
Active Search Results 5/10 2,704
Sonic Run 5/10 15,899
Canadian Content 5/10 86,140
Semager 5/10 89,801
AnazitisiS 5/10 406,103
Secret Search Engine Labs 4/10 7,744
FyberSearch 4/10 7,866
Websquash 4/10 8,662
Anoox 4/10 8,841
SearchSight 4/10 10,972
Infotiger 4/10 19,649
Claymont 4/10 29,718
Amidalla 4/10 54,124
Boitho 4/10 68,359
TowerSearch 4/10 140,849
Spiffy Search 4/10 147,197
GhetoSearch 3/10 10,410
FeedPlex 3/10 17,649
AxxaSearch 3/10 36,368
SentenceSeek 3/10 75,267
Mixcat 3/10 80,882
The Lesson Finder 3/10 678,813


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