RSS - related tools

SearchFeedr - RSS feed search, supports Yahoo!, Google, MSN Live and Altavista
FeedCycle - bundles feeds into “episodes” and delivers them on a scheduled/daily basis
FeedCrier - brings RSS feeds to your instant messenger
Clicky’s RSS feed - Clicky is a web analytics tool which can deliver analytics results via an RSS feed
RSS Panel X - a Greasemonkey script that displays RSS, Atom, hAtom and OPML directly from originating website
FeedForAll - create and edit RSS feeds and podcasts
Radio UserLand - a combination of a publishing platform and a news aggregator
Custom Reader - a white label RSS reader solution, ready to be branded to your liking
Chaos Wallpaper - RSS reader and wallpaper changer in one
FireAnt - RSS reader focused on podcasts, vidcasts, and media
NewsAloud - converts RSS feeds to voice
RSS2PDF - converts RSS feeds to PDF format
Dapper - creates an RSS feed from any website
Feedity - another RSS generator that can generate an RSS feed from any website
RSSMicro - an RSS search engine; searches over 65 million feeds


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