Wordpress MU Theme

The large packs withe themes "specials" for mu are, generally low-quality, good only for the webmasters who want, with minimal effort, to sustain large social networks, no matter the performance. Such large pack you can freely downlod from here:

Mirror 2

A demonstration of some of them can find at nicuilie blogs:

Only one of this sites has a pro theme, and this is obvious: ro.nicuilie.eu/regional

Even, this site, like the others have a rudimental work, it looks better and give the possibillity to his admin to offer a more elaborate content in a more spectacular way. So: my advice:

Even you are the webmasters for a large social blog network, use elaborate themes, no the theme pack special designed for wordpress mu. After wordpress 2.7, the differences betwuin mu and regular wordpress are minimalized (in those that concern theme acceptance) and, if you youse a wide-configgurable theme, like options or hybrid, your users will have a better quality.


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